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The Teaching Hearthstone Podcast

Here at Velen’s Chosen we focus on honing your Hearthstone skills! Whether you’re a competitive player, arena specialist, deck-building visionary, or just like having fun: we can help you buff your game and achieve your Hearthstone goals.

Eve “Kaeleigh” Martyn
Eve is Canadian and none-of-your-business years old. She is married with three kids and a devout Catholic. Eve has been playing video games ever since her dad bought the very first Nintendo with Mario and Duck Hunt. She spent many hours fishing in Ocarina of Time and raided extensively in World of Warcraft. She played Magic the Gathering in high school and revisited it later when she wanted a card game to play with the family. Eve has no problems embracing her inner geek enjoying anime, manga, Korean dramas and comic books equally. She owns a PS 1,2,3 and 4, an XBox360, WiiU, PSVita, 3DS, GameCube and iPad and struggles to play games on all of them. Her hobbies outside of games include running, dancing, singing and reading. She comes from a family of eight children and currently has 15 nieces and nephews. The games she plays the most currently are Hearthstone, Destiny and Final Fantasy.

Grant "Watchman" Gould

Grant is native Californian, northern bred, southerner living in the good ‘ol US of A. His lifetime of gaming started back when Atari, Intellivision, and the NES were still boxes sitting in front of your TV and Nintendo Power was the only way to get insights into the games everyone was playing. PC gaming and Trading card games are things he didn’t pick until later in his college years. It was Warcraft III - Reign of Chaos that introduced him into to the Warcraft Universe. He fondly remembers binge playing DotA through the Battle.Net client back when it was still a mod. As such when he discovered Hearthstone he immediately fell in love with it and never looked back. During the day Grant is a teacher, a professional musician and a family man with a lovely wife and three great kids. At night you can find him wrecking scrubs on the ladder.

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