Velen's Chosen

The Hearthstone Podcast for budget players.

Velen's Chosen Podcast buffs budget players (referred sometimes as limited collection players) with intermediate and advanced discussions to improve your game regardless of how many cards you own. Join discussion facilitator Rob, ever-budget-minded Eve, and deck-tester extraordinaire Andrew as they cover decks, strategies, news, meta shifts, and include guests to help provide you with the tools to buff your game and get better at Hearthstone!

Rob “notrob” May
Rob is a 25-year-old resident of Indiana and has always possessed the interest in gaming since his first SNES game. Notrob started a competitive gaming interest with Halo and WoW,but began competing in local card tournaments with Yu-Gi-Oh! Hearthstone’s release into beta released during notrob’s first semester of graduate school, but started really focusing on Hearthstone after he finished his education. Rob’s ambitions continued as he created a podcast geared for those free to play and budget players by starting Velen’s Chosen Podcast. He recently hit legend for the first time in September, but looks to grow as a player, podcast host, and caster. Outside of Hearthstone, notrob has a BBA in Digital Media Marketing and an MA in Cross-Cultural studies. He currently works in Marketing for his father’s Insurance Agency with his wife Cari and has been working towards applying to teach English with his wife in Japan.

Eve “Kaeleigh” Martyn
Eve is Canadian and none-of-your-business years old. She is married with three kids and a devout Catholic. Eve has been playing video games ever since her dad bought the very first Nintendo with Mario and Duck Hunt. She spent many hours fishing in Ocarina of Time and raided extensively in World of Warcraft. She played Magic the Gathering in high school and revisited it later when she wanted a card game to play with the family. Eve has no problems embracing her inner geek enjoying anime, manga, Korean dramas and comic books equally. She owns a PS 1,2,3 and 4, an XBox360, WiiU, PSVita, 3DS, GameCube and iPad and struggles to play games on all of them. Her hobbies outside of games include running, dancing, singing and reading. She comes from a family of eight children and currently has 15 nieces and nephews. The games she plays the most currently are Hearthstone, Destiny and Final Fantasy. 

Andrew “AndrewIsLive” Brown
Andrew gets confused for a young Tom Selleck without the manliness all the time. Andrew started playing Blizzard games with his dad when he was young as they were the only AAA titles available on Macs. He also got hooked onto TCG’s with Pokemon way back in the day. When Naxxramas was released, Andrew saw an ad for Hearthstone and couldn’t believe it had gotten by him. He very quickly became a mega-fanboy and dove deep into it. He’s topped out at Rank 1 (Just short of Legend. BibleThump.), and probably makes a lot of people feel way better about how inconsistent they are on the ladder and arena. He lives in Oklahoma with his amazing wife and fur baby (dog), Sadie.




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